Alex's Caves Mod for Minecraft 1.20.1

Alex’s Caves Mod for Minecraft 1.20.1, introduces new cave biomes, adding a touch of mystery and excitement to your adventures in the world of Minecraft. Each of these underground biomes is exceptionally rare, which means you’ll have to go on a real quest to discover them.

For now, the biomes we mention are the Magnetic Caves, the Primordial Caves, the Toxic Caves, the Abyssal Abyss and the Forsaken Hollows. Each of these biomes has its own unique palette of blocks, elements, mobs and mechanics that will keep you immersed in exploration.

However, to find these biomes, you will need to locate an underground hut anywhere in the world. Inside these huts, you will find loot containing valuable tablets to create a compendium of all the caves. Basically, it will be an essential guide to explore and discover the secrets of all these underground biomes.

An outstanding feature of Alex’s Caves is the meticulous attention to visual detail. Each biome has its own unique atmosphere, with customised ambient particles, fog, lighting and colour effects. This attention to detail makes each biome feel genuine and exciting.


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In addition, Alex’s Caves integrates seamlessly with other popular mods such as JustEnough Items and Alex’s Mobs, further expanding the possibilities. Discover these new cave biomes, challenge the unique creatures within and immerse yourself in an underground world full of wonder and danger.

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