Armored Redstone Mod for Minecraft 1.20.1, 1.19.3 and 1.19.2

Armored Redstone Mod for Minecraft 1.20.1, 1.19.3 and 1.19.2, incorporates several gigantic combat armours, into which players can slip to move around the worlds. For now, it adds four variants, each of which will have certain characteristics, which we will explain in the following paragraphs.

Piston armour, as the name suggests, will hit enemies with its pistons. In fact, it can also be repaired by right-clicking the mouse with an iron ingot in your hand. Making this armour is not a simple task, and it is recommended that you use JEI to learn the recipes.

Ciertas armaduras gigantes podrán ser utilizadas por los jugadores.
Los jugadores podrán utilizar ciertas armaduras gigantes.

The name of the next armour is “fire burner”, and basically, it will use the power of Nether fire to set enemies on fire, and in fact, it is able to resist lava damage. However, when immersed in a lake of lava, the armour will lose much of its mobility, making it much slower.

The latter armour can be repaired with a gold bar. In keeping with an underworld theme, the third armour known as the “soulfire burner” will use the power of abyssal soul sand to burn enemies. As with the previous one, it can also be repaired with gold.


Una armadura gigante podrá ser utilizada por los jugadores.
Todos los jugadores podrán moverse con las armaduras, así como atacar a los jugadores.
Los jugadores podrán subirse en cualquiera de las nuevas armaduras.

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Finally, Armoured Redstone also adds armour based on the other game in the Minecraft Dungeons franchise, and in this case, it will feature slow movement but massive attack damage. In addition, according to the creator, fire projectiles are expected in the future.

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