Aylyth Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2

Aylyth Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2, adds a stunning new dimension, known as Aylyth, a forgotten and mystical realm that lurks on the threshold of life and death. It is an endless forest of misty autumn colours, filled with the novelty “Ympe” trees.

Although apparently a place to be envied for its beauty, Aylyth is a somewhat unsuitable place, and one in which players will lose their sense of reality, which may make it difficult for them to return. All this makes it an ideal complement for the more adventurous players, who will undoubtedly enjoy the experience.

Aylyth añade diversas criaturas, así como una novedosa dimensión al juego.
Aylyth agrega algunos enemigos muy ofensivos para los jugadores.

There are several ways to enter the dimension, but the most popular is by going through a “Seep”. It is a kind of seepage that occurs on certain trunks in densely wooded biomes, resembling a portal, but with a much more striking colour to attract the attention of others.

There are also other ways to enter, such as through death by falling, drowning, or at the hands of a witch (in forest biomes). After being in the dimension once, the best way to return is to make use of an Aylythian heart, and hold it in your hand when you die.


Aylyth también añade espadas y herramientas ideales para combatir a los enemigos.
Aylyth añade un montón de criaturas mutantes, como la que se puede observar en la imagen.
Todas las criaturas añadidas por Aylyth estarán presentes en la dimensión.

More information:

To get out of Aylyth, it is necessary to find another “Seep”, but this time, inside the dimension. As when entering, there are several ways to get out, and the second option is with a “Pilot Light”, which are some kind of beings. Entering the dimension is a dangerous and mysterious adventure, where every decision can change the player’s destiny.

Installation of Aylyth:

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