Broglis Plants Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2 and 1.19

Broglis Plants Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2 and 1.19, adds various plants that can appear in mangroves, jungles, swamps and taigas. All of them have unique features and utilities that will completely change the experience in these biomes.

For example, “fly traps”, which have three growth stages and can only be grown in mud, may appear in mangroves. When blooming, these flowers will drop four random seeds, and are capable of slowing and damaging all entities except the default frogs.

Broglis Plants añade varias nuevas plantas que se podrán generar en algunos biomas del juego.
Broglis Plants añade plantas que podrán crecer y dar sus frutos.

Corpse flowers can be generated in both taiga and spruce biomes, and in this case, they have two stages of growth. However, they can only grow in podzol soil, and when the bud blooms, it will throw up to two seeds (they cause nausea when you walk on them).

Giant water lilies, on the other hand, grow in swamps, mangroves and even in the jungle, although their stems will only grow in water. Once these stems reach the surface, they will grow into giant water lilies, provided there is enough space (in a range of two by two blocks).


En la imagen se puede observar un nuevo nenúfar añadido también por Broglis Plants.
Las plantas podrán causar daño tanto a los jugadores, como a los animales.
Broglis Plants añade ciertas plantas que podrán causar daños a los jugadores.

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Finally, mention should be made of deadly nightshade, which can be found in the dark woods, and in this case, can be used in the preparation of a suspicious stew. All these plants have particle effects, and can grow faster thanks to bone meal (with the exception of water lilies).

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