Cheap Minecraft Server - Buy your hosting with ServerMiner!

ServerMiner is one of the best options when it comes to buying a cheap Minecraft server, and in fact, this hosting is used by thousands of players. Its main advantages are the following:

  • Price (there is no better value for money).
  • Mod compatibility (mods and modpacks can be installed easily).
  • Free and unlimited use of plugins.
  • The server can be run on any version of Minecraft.
  • Support that will resolve any questions or problems in less than 24 hours.

But... Why buy a Minecraft server?

If you’ve ever tried a “free” server, this question is quickly answered, but just in case you haven’t, don’t waste your time. Do you really think it is possible to play comfortably on a free server hosted by your computer, or even worse, by apparently free websites?

A free server has many disadvantages compared to a paid hosting, the main one being the loss of time. Actually, it is possible to find some free hosting, but it will take you hours to get it up and running (and without the possibility of installing mods or plugins).

Serie de Karmaland 5 en un servidor multijugador.
Comprar servidor de Minecraft barato.
Serie de TortillaLand 2 en un servidor multijugador.

Do you think a series like Karmaland V or TortillaLand 2 could be hosted on a free server? Far from it, these series require paid servers, but in reality, any series needs such a hosting. If you meet any of the following points, you should forget about using a free server:

  • Do you want to play on a server with several friends from different parts of the world?
  • Do you want to install mods or mod packs (either CurseForge’s or your own)?
  • Do you need to install plugins for the correct functioning of the server?

Is ServerMiner a good option?

As mentioned above, ServerMiner is one of the most popular server sites today, and one of the best value for money. Of course, through this hosting you will be able to install mods and plugins in seconds, or even ask for help from support.

With the code “Lupin” you will get 20% off the final price!

Buying and installation guide for our cheap Minecraft server!

Step 1: Log in and customise the server IP.

Of course, the first step is to enter ServerMiner, and type in the desired IP for the server (it is possible that this IP already exists and you have to choose another one). The following screenshot will give you an idea of the first step:
Colocar la IP en ServerMiner, tú servidor de Minecraft barato.

Step 2: Choose the features of our future Minecraft server.

Obviously, ServerMiner offers various options and features ideal for each type of game, but always at a very low price compared to other similar sites. Also, remember that these prices will be reduced by a further 20% at checkout, as long as the code “Lupin” is entered.

Opciones para comprar un servidor de Minecraft barato.

Let us take several examples:

  • We want to buy a server for 10 people to play Minecraft “vanilla” without mods or plugins of any kind, well, in this case the “stone” level is enough.
  • We are only two players, but we want to play with a mod pack containing more than 100 mods, in this case, it is best to choose the “Lapis” version.
  • The idea is to set up a server where more than 50 people can join (and even use mods and plugins), in this case, it would be best to choose a “Gold” version onwards.

Step 3 and 4: Choose the server location and the desired add-ons.

To avoid performance problems, it is essential to select a server location relatively close to the players’ main residence. For example, if most of the players are from Spain, it is best to choose the German server option, which will reach the whole of Europe in perfect conditions.

In the case of Latin America, it is best to select a server in the lower part of the United States, and as with Europe, this will be sufficient to avoid any performance problems. However, if players experience performance problems due to the server, a refund can be requested.

Elegir ubicación del servidor de Minecraft barato.
Elegir características del servidor de Minecraft más barato y con mejor calidad-precio.

For free, ServerMiner offers some extra customisation options, such as an integrated voice chat or other less relevant features. Similarly, a dedicated port or help in configuring plugins or modpacks can also be obtained for an extra charge.

Make no mistake about this last point, the installation of these add-ons is free of charge, what can cost money is getting help with the installation. However, the installation of mods and plugins is easy (more on that later), and almost no extra help is required at all.

Step 5 and 6: Registration and subsequent payment.

There are only two simple steps left! Of course, it is essential to register our data, with which we will later enter the server configuration. And finally, the discount code “Lupin” should have been applied automatically, but if not, you can fill it in right now.

Elegir datos del servidor de Minecraft barato.
Pago con descuento del servidor de Minecraft barato.

Payment can be made by PayPal without any problem, or by credit card if preferred. It is important to remember that payments are monthly, so if you only want to pay for one month, uncheck the tab below.

How to configure and access the server?

As soon as the payment is made, the page will be automatically redirected to the server panel, where all the servers of the account will be located. Then, to enter the server configuration it is necessary to click on the “manage” button, inside this tab you will find all the server information.

Note: If any “pirate” or “non-premium” player wants to enter the server, it is essential to click on “settings”, scroll down to the tab “Online Mode – Online mode prevent cracked players from connecting” and disable it. It is activated by default.

Configurar servidor de Minecraft barato.
Panel de configuración del servidor de Minecraft barato.

To modify the server installation, either by choosing another version of Minecraft or even any other feature of the server, click on the “installer” button. Inside you will find all the free options available and ready to be installed (vanilla versions, mods or plugins).

Instalar versiones de Minecraft.
Instalar mods o plugins de Minecraft en tu servidor de Minecraft barato.
Instalaciones de ServerMiner, gratuitas con tu servidor de Minecraft barato.

All facilities are available in a large number of versions (including trial versions), and obviously, you can switch between them without any problem. In fact, it also allows you to save several worlds simultaneously, and choose which one to play with at any given time.

Other ServerMiner features

Without a doubt, ServerMiner offers dozens and dozens of features and configurations ideal for every type of game or player. For example, it allows:

  • Make automatic backups and download them at any time.
  • Edit any game settings (time, maximum and minimum height, game modes, etc.).
  • Upload worlds created on other servers or in solitaire mode.
  • Establish a blacklist of players who will be banned. Or, on the contrary, another list with the names of the players who will only be able to access the server.
  • Turn on, shut down and restart the server at any time. It can be left open all the time!

Get a discount code of 20% off the final price!

And remember, with the code “Lupin” you will get 20% off the final price, on the purchase of your cheap Minecraft server, making it even more affordable. You can click here to go to the official ServerMiner website.