Collection of Singiro Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2

Collection of Singiro Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2, is a perfect complement to the famous Origins, and in this case, adds dozens of new class types. For example, the arachnid class will give players spider-like dexterity and agility, and for example, they will be able to climb.

However, there is something wrong with every class, and for example, in this last case, players using this class will be forced to consume quite a lot of food. It is currently one of the most popular Origins add-ons, and the number of downloads is close to one million.

The “soul in pain” class is related to spirits, capable of breaking crystals or ending the lives of entities, and in fact, its star ability is none other than supersonic screams. By pressing the “G” key, any player using this class will inflict much more damage, making it one of the most powerful classes.

But everything has a downside, and in this case it’s the iron, which they can’t stand. Demons are part of another of the most famous classes, capable of unleashing a blast of hellish energy when players need it, although they will be weakened by touching water.


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Dwarves are another of the most famous classes added by Collection of Singiro, obviously, the height will live up to the name, being really useful in mining. They are, however, quite heavy creatures due to their size, and will in fact have difficulty walking in certain situations.

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