Creepypasted: The Classics Mod for Minecraft 1.19.3 and 1.19.2

Creepypasted: The Classics Mod for Minecraft 1.19.3 and 1.19.2, adds several classic and regular creepypastas from other popular video games. In fact, apart from these entities, it also adds some unique elements or blocks, a number that expands with each release.

Creatures such as “Jeff the Killer” or “Slenderman” will be able to spawn in Minecraft worlds and carry out their mission to kill players. And something similar will happen with “The Rak” or the ultra well-known “Sonic EXE” that terrorised half the internet a few years ago.

Creepypasted: The Classics es un mod que incluye elementos de varias historias de terror populares en Internet.
Slenderman es otra de las criaturas que podrá aparecer en las partidas.

These creatures cannot appear randomly, but must be previously summoned through an altar, of course, by the players themselves. For now it only adds an altar, which will be created from the union of three stones, like the dark stone of the subterranean depths.

Other stones needed for the creation of these altars are redstone (in mineral block, i.e. with nine redstone powders), or soul sand collected in the Nether. Then, on the altar, a respective item should be placed for each entity, which will obviously make one or the other appear.


Este mod agrega nuevos elementos al juego inspirados en las historias de terror populares, como Slenderman, Jeff the Killer y SCP-087.
Algunos de los elementos añadidos se pueden observar en el inventario de la imagen.
Las criaturas hostiles añadidas por Creepypasted The Classics cambiarán por completo la experiencia de juego.

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In reality, Creepypasted: The Classics is not a recommended add-on for any kind of game, as the default gameplay experience would obviously be completely lost. In any case, it is ideal for fans of this type of creature, and in fact, it is starting to go very viral among the community.

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