Critters and Companions Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2

Critters and Companions Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2, adds a variety of animals, all of which have a “vanilla” style and will fit in perfectly with the default theme. The new creatures will be able to take part in terrestrial biomes, aquatic biomes and even the skies.

For example, one of the most interesting creatures are otters, which will be generated in rivers, including some added by other biomes. The otters will have the possibility to open clams (also included), in order to find pearls, ideal for making necklaces.

Entre otras cosas, las nutrias tendrán la posibilidad de encontrar perlas.
Critters and Companions añade algunas criaturas acuáticas, como es el caso de los conejos marinos de la imagen.

That is to say, all animals will have some feature designed to enhance the gameplay experience, and of course, it also incorporates new useful items and objects. Ferrets can be bred both in the plains and in predetermined forests, and can be domesticated using raw rabbit.

After being tamed, ferrets will be able to hunt chickens or rabbits. As far as aquatic animals are concerned, octopuses stand out, which in this case will appear in the deep oceans. As well as the marine rabbits, which, like the various octopuses, can be collected with a bucket.


Los nuevos peces son bastante parecidos a los predeterminados, con una temática "vanilla" y amigable con el juego.
Las criaturas de la imagen son llamados hurones, y al igual que ocurre con la mayoría de criaturas, son domesticables.
En las profundidades marinas se podrán generar animales acuáticos, como los pulpos.

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Apart from all the animals mentioned above, Critters and Companions also adds red pandas (they will only appear in the jungle, and will sleep during the day), insects, dragonflies or even koi fish. The latter can only occur in rivers, as can dragonflies.

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