Dark Golem Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2

Dark Golem Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2, adds a new golem type, which can only be spawned in two natural biomes in the Nether, namely the basalt deltas and the soul sand valleys. These golems will not be of much use, but they will be amazing to look at.

Upon death, these beautiful creatures will drop Nether stars and custom discs (the creator has added a few new ones in addition to the default ones). In addition, the golem has customised animations and sounds, making it stand out from other creatures.

Este mod también agrega nuevas opciones de creación de golems.
Los golems oscuros de Dark Golem tienen nuevas habilidades y características.

Something to keep in mind is the great hatred he has for iron golems, so it is not recommended that they cross paths with each other, as it will start an intense battle. Apart from all this, it also adds a model herb table, which is not yet of much use, but will be in the future.

This fabulous add-on has been released only a few weeks ago, so many changes and updates are still expected in the near future. Despite this, the animations of the new golem are simply spectacular, and blend in perfectly with the aesthetics of the game.


Dark Golem Mod ofrece una experiencia de juego más desafiante y emocionante.
Dark Golem Mod es una excelente opción para los jugadores que quieren agregar nuevos desafíos y elementos al juego.
Los jugadores pueden utilizar los golems oscuros para proteger sus hogares y recursos.

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Many players want an add-on to be what is known as “vanilla friendly”, that is, to fit in with the default gaming experience. In fact, their addictions are so natural, the creators themselves could have added them to a new version of Minecraft.

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