Despawning Eggs Hatch Mod for Minecraft 1.20.4, 1.20.1 and 1.19.4

Despawning Eggs Hatch Mod for Minecraft 1.20.4, 1.20.1 and 1.19.4, modifies the natural behaviour of chicken eggs, from which chicks can now hatch. That is, instead of disappearing within five minutes of being on the ground, a chick may hatch from these eggs.

To prevent the number of hens from being excessive, the creator has limited the generation of chicks at hatching to a maximum of 50, which can be modified. In addition, by default, they can only hatch when placed on a hay block, i.e. the egg must be placed on top of a hay block.

Un pollo podrá nacer después de que un huevo eclosione sobre un bloque de heno.
Despawning Eggs Hatch hace que puedan nacer pollos de huevos.

The creator has imposed certain limitations on the breeding of these animals, thus preventing groups of wild chickens from becoming too large. However, any aspect can be modified by following the information in the commands below:

  • eggOnlyHatchesWhenOnTopOfHayBlock: is enabled by default, and as long as it is enabled, an egg can only hatch when placed on a hay block.
  • onlyHatchIfLessChickensAroundThan: this command will cause an egg to hatch only if there are fewer chicks than the predefined number of chicks in a block radius.
  • newHatchlingIsBaby: by default, the newly hatched chicks will be small, which again can be changed by editing this section.
  • eggWillHatchChance: the minimum number is 0, and the maximum is 1, with 1 being the maximum chance of an egg hatching just before it disappears, as long as the entity limiter is not active.


Un pollo podrá nacer de un huevo, al pasar cinco minutos.
Al pasar 5 minutos, un pollo predeterminado podrá nacer de un huevo.
De forma predeterminada, Despawning Eggs Hatch permitirá la generación de pollos siempre y cuando el huevo se encuentre situado encima de un bloque de heno.

More information:

By default, Despawning Eggs Hatch will cause an egg on the ground to hatch into a chick, similar to what happens in real life, albeit in a short period of time. It should be noted that unless their configuration is edited, this will only happen if and when the eggs are on a block of hay.

Installation of Despawning Eggs Hatch:

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