Easy Emerald Tools & More Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2 and 1.19

Easy Emerald Tools & More Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2 and 1.19, incorporates an ore, as well as tools and armour that can be crafted using other default items. In particular, this fantastic new mineral is the ruby, possibly the most beautiful in the game.

Armour will have a similar design to the default armour, although the characteristics and the colour itself will vary depending on the material of manufacture. For example, it will now be possible to make use of obsidian, amethyst, copper or emeralds for the manufacture of these new elements.

Gracias al uso de los minerales predeterminados, los jugadores tendrán la posibilidad de fabricar nuevas armaduras y herramientas.
La armadura de amatista sigue un método de fabricación similar al resto de armaduras de Minecraft.

In addition to adding a variety of armour, players will have the ability to craft new tools, some of which are completely new to Minecraft. In this case, it will be possible to make use of a massive shovel, which will chop a 3×3 block area, and something similar will happen with the pickaxe or the axe.

In any case, no new minerals are added to the global generation, as all materials will be made from the “vanilla” ingredients, including the rubies themselves. Of course, other pre-determined style tools, such as a simple sword or even a bow, can also be made for each of the branches.


El martillo es capaz de picar nueve bloques al mismo tiempo.
Algunas de las nuevas herramientas añadidas por Easy Emerald Tools & More se convertirán en las más poderosas del juego.
Las esmeraldas serán uno de los minerales con los que se podrán fabricar herramientas y armaduras.

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Apart from all the features related to minerals, tools and armour mentioned above, Easy Emerald Tools & More also adds other novel elements, such as:

  • Three new potatoes, one of which will provide night vision, regeneration and saturation, another one will provide stamina and strength, while another one will provide luck (for a short period of time).
  • Three other “jujus” elements, the first will provide water breathing, the second fire protection and the third night vision. All will function indefinitely as long as they are in the inventory.

Installation of Easy Emerald Tools & More:

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