Fins and Tails Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2

Fins and Tails Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2, aims to improve the life of aquatic biomes, making them much more realistic and interesting. To this end, it adds everything from small fish to bizarre crustaceans, all designed with the idea of bringing the game to life.

This is one of the largest aquatic mods for Minecraft, and so far, it adds more than two dozen creatures, all obviously related to the aquatic world. However, it does not only incorporate animals, as the creator has also added various features related to feeding them and protecting the players.

Algunos biomas de Minecraft serán mejorados con nuevos animales y características.
Los peces luminosos de Fins and Tails mejorarán la experiencia de juego en los biomas acuáticos.

In summary, the features added by Fins and Tails are:

  • Food related to each of the creatures.
  • A kind of backpack that can carry up to nine items.
  • Different pieces of armour that will increase speed or grant certain effects.
  • Emerald, ruby, pearl, amber or sapphire talismans.


Los peces de Fins and Tails se generarán de forma natural en algunos biomas acuáticos.
Fins and Tails añade casi una centena de elementos y peces interesantes.
Fins and Tails agrega un montón de peces variados.

More information:

This fantastic add-on already has more than one million downloads, making it one of the most downloaded add-ons related to aquatic biomes in the games. Basically, it adds food, vegetation, structures, elements, and most importantly, a variety of animals.

Installation of Fins and Tails:

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