Flower Foxes Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2

Flower Foxes Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2, is an innovative mod, which mixes foxes with flowers, ultimately creating truly amazing and adorable creatures. These creatures can be trained, and in fact, will act in a very similar way to dogs, sitting or attacking.

The way these animals grow is quite different, as they will grow from seeds, to pods, then babies, and finally the adult version. Depending on the type of fox to be obtained, it will be necessary to use one type of seed or another (depending on the biome).

Las nuevas variantes de zorros formarán parte de las partidas.
Este mod también agrega nuevas flores al juego, que se utilizan para domesticar a los zorros.

Desert fox seeds can only be obtained in deserts, and so respectively with all other default biomes in the game. There are a multitude of different seeds, as well as animals and foxes, although some will be more common than others.

Desert seeds are the most common, followed by taiga and mountain seeds, then swamp seeds and finally mushroom seeds. The seeds become pods when crumbled for four times, and will reach their baby form when pressed into them with bone powder.


Los jugadores pueden personalizar la apariencia de su zorro doméstico con collares y bandanas.
Flower Foxes Mod es una excelente opción para los jugadores que quieren agregar nuevos elementos y compañeros al juego.
Los zorros domésticos pueden recolectar objetos y ayudar al jugador en sus aventuras.

More information:

Baby foxes are quite small and cute, and will follow any human being with bone dust in their hands (and can be tamed in the same way). The characteristics of foxes will depend on their biome of origin, and for example, the desert fox will have a cactus on its tail.

Installation of Flower Foxes:

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