Infectum Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2

Infectum Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2, increases the difficulty of games, adding dozens of new monsters and powerful enemies, such as bosses. Likewise, it also incorporates certain structures where these fantastic (but unfriendly) creatures can inhabit.

The biggest boss in the game is known as the “Supreme Lord”, a giant creature that has a 10% chance of appearing after using an astral rune stone. However, by using a “stranger”, this fearsome creature is sure to appear, leaving probability aside.

There are two types of supreme lords, the first and more “affordable” of the two has 300 health, 30 points of long range damage, 9 points of melee damage and 5 points of armour protection. In addition, it can also make use of up to three different skills.

After taking the life of the little lord supreme, the real and fearsome final boss will appear. In this case, health points will go up to 500, damage and armour will go up to 500, and it will be extremely difficult to kill, but the reward will be worth it.


More information:

The creator of Infectum has added an extremely powerful item, known as a sacrificial altar, which is capable of killing all creatures in the game instantly. Each sacrifice gives five cult points, as well as infected fangs, rotting flesh, emeralds or diamonds.

Installation of Infectum:

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