Items to Mobs Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2

Items to Mobs Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2, is responsible for turning some of the game’s most iconic objects into creatures, such as the oven. In this case, it adds a miniature walking oven, which will obviously be able to cook any item, even faster than the default oven.

Currently, this add-on adds up to eight creatures completely inspired by each of the elements of the game that will be mentioned later. However, it is still in an early stage of development, and therefore further developments are expected in the future.

Items to Mobs añade varias criaturas con funciones de algunos elementos del juego.
Items to Mobs añade varias criaturas que podrán facilitar las partidas.

The creatures added by Items to Mobs in this first development version are the following:

  • Totem of Undying (makes regeneration-related trades, and can be generated in dark forests).
  • Furnace Golem (requires fuel to operate, but is capable of cooking anything).
  • Cauldron Ride (a kind of walking cauldron, ideal for collecting water, to be generated in swamp biomes).
  • Shears Ant (like living shears that can be generated on the plains, and will obviously shear sheep).
  • Dragon’s Breath Man (a very aggressive creature that will harm entities around them).
  • Fire Fox (a neutral creature, which will set fire wherever it goes, and can be spawned in the Nether).
  • Quartz Crab (tough and able to convert quartz into experience, and can also be generated in the Nether).
  • Redstone Bug (aggressive and very fast creature that will destroy redstone circuits).


Items to Mobs añade una especie de caldero andante que facilitará la recolección de agua.
Items to Mobs añade unas diminutas criaturas que se comerán los polvos de redstone.
En la imagen se puede observar otra de las criaturas añadidas por Items to Mobs.

More information:

This novel add-on brings to life eight creatures, shaped like some of Minecraft’s iconic elements, and able to replicate their functions. In fact, some of these creatures can be tamed, so that they can follow players around at all times, as will be the case with the ovens, for example.

Installation of Items to Mobs:

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