MakeUp - Ultra Fast Shaders for Minecraft 1.20.4, 1.19.4 and 1.18.2

MakeUp – Ultra Fast Shaders for Minecraft 1.20.4, 1.19.4 and 1.18.2aims to offer an innovative solution which strives to achieve the perfect balance between quality and performance,offering gamers a versatile shader that adapts to a wide range of devices, especially those with low resources.

With MakeUp – Ultra Fast, you have complete control to customise your gaming experience. The extensive configuration allows you to choose exactly the effects you want, making it a complete player’s choice. You will only consume the resources you choose, and if you decide to stick with the default settings, you will still enjoy the best possible performance.

Among all the features that MakeUp – Ultra Fast has to offer, there are a few that highlight its potential:

  • Realistic shadows that add depth and realism to your Minecraft world.
  • Depth of field to achieve selective focus and highlight specific objects.
  • Temporary anti-aliasing for superior image quality and smooth edges.
  • Improved ambient occlusion that brings out lighting and shadows in an impressive way.
  • Motion blur that creates a sense of fluidity in movement.
  • Volumetric clouds that bring the sky to life.
  • Volumetric light for an impressive lighting effect.
  • Reflections that make water and other elements sparkle.


More information:

MakeUp – Ultra Fast is an excellent choice for those who want to visually enhance their Minecraft experience without sacrificing performance. Customisation, outstanding performance and stunning visual effects make MakeUp – Ultra Fast a favourable choice for any Minecraft player.

Installation of MakeUp - Ultra Fast Shaders:

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