Minecraft Extremo 2 Modpack for Minecraft 1.18.2

Minecraft Extremo 2 Modpack for Minecraft 1.18.2, adds all the mods that are being used in the famous Spanish-speaking series known as “Minecraft Extreme”. However, it is perfectly playable in solitaire mode, being one of the most fun mod packs for this latest version of the game.

The main objective is to increase the difficulty of the game, i.e. most of the added mods are related to enemies and player survival. In this case, the use of this mod pack is not recommended for novice players.

El modpack está diseñado para ser jugado en modo individual o en multijugador.

For example, the number of hostile creatures in the games will increase considerably, and among other things, it adds more than a dozen new zombie variants. In fact, something similar will happen with the creepers, and even with the spiders, which will now also be more aggressive.

For an even better and more fun experience, it is advisable to start a game in “extreme” mode, but it will not be possible to progress further after the first death. Apart from the aforementioned difficulty mods, it also adds other mods that enhance the gaming experience, such as the security mod.


Minecraft Extremo ModPack también añade nuevas herramientas y armas, ideales para acabar con los enemigos.
El modpack incluye una gran variedad de mods, que añaden nuevas criaturas, biomas, objetos y mecánicas que dificultarán las partidas.

More information:

To get the most out of a game of Minecraft Extreme, it would be best to play in multiplayer mode, although this mod pack is perfectly compatible with solo mode anyway. It is still at an early stage of development, but receives almost daily updates.

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