Minions Remastered Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2

Minions Remastered Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2, is intended to make boring Minecraft tasks, such as mining, felling trees, or simply digging, easier. To do this, it adds a kind of miniature worker, capable of doing each of these tasks automatically.

These minions can be strengthened and upgraded, so that they can do these tasks even faster, and for example, they can mine and find resources such as diamonds. In addition, everything they collect will go directly into the inventory of the player who has put them to work.

Minions Remastered añade algunos trabajadores que facilitarán las partidas.
Minions Remastered requiere de un bastón para poder invocar a los trabajadores.

Basically, players will have the possibility to command an entire army of these minions, and to do so, it will be as easy as using the master staff. Pressing the right mouse button with this stick in your hand will open a new interface, where you can choose which tasks to designate.

Among other things, these impressive little creatures are fully capable of digging tunnels, with the intention of connecting certain areas of the world. Similarly, they will also be able to obtain resources such as minerals, or of course, stone or other materials from the depths.


Los jugadores tendrán la oportunidad de mandar a excavar tierra a los minions.
Los trabajadores de Minions Remastered harán sus tareas en conjunto.
Todos los trabajadores de Minions Remastered son capaces de recoger cualquier recurso.

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By doing the duller, more tedious tasks in games, players can focus on doing what they really enjoy, such as decorating their buildings or exploring dungeons. Without a doubt, it is an ideal complement for all those who want to make the games easier.

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