Mob Vote Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2

Mob Vote Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2, adds the latest creatures rejected by the community in the annual vote for the future version of the game. In recent polls, the Sniffer, the Rascal and the Tuff Golem were the creatures chosen to be removed from Minecraft forever.

Obviously, the creator has managed to recreate almost perfectly what these beings were like, according to the game’s developers. The 3D models, textures and their behaviour will be improved in future versions, as it is still in an early stage of development.

Las criaturas descartadas en la última votación anual han sido agregadas con este mod.
El creador de Mob Vote 2022 también ha añadido a los golems de cobre.

The Sniffer, also known as tracker, can be generated in two variants (baby and adult), and their behaviour is as announced in the vote, as they will dig for seeds for the player. In addition, it also has the possibility of going to sleep to regain lost strength.

On the other hand, the rascal, also called Rascal, loves to play hide-and-seek with the players, and when he is spotted, he will get scared and run away in the opposite direction. After finding it 3 times, it will drop a valuable reward, and will be available for replay after 60 seconds.


Mob Vote 2022 también añade una criatura gigante de más de tres bloques de altura.
Algunas de las criaturas descartadas han sido añadidas por el creador de Mob Vote 2022.
En las selvas podrán habitar algunos de los nuevos animales descartados.

More information:

The tuff golem is possibly one of the most interesting creatures in this version, as it can stand completely still as if it were a statue. This will be very useful for decorating the constructions, as they can also hold items or change their appearance. Build your totem to discover the 16 colours!

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