Monsters & Mushrooms Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2

Monsters & Mushrooms Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2, completely expands everything related to the game’s combat, and for example, adds more than a dozen armours, weapons and even some enemies. All this will make the games more exciting and, of course, longer lasting.

There are three main branches of armour, heavy, medium and light. In the case of heavy armour, these have greater protection, but they will not be as fast compared to light armour (some will give some kind of special effect, such as speed or night vision).

To receive an effect, a full set of armour is required, so if you do not have all four pieces, you will not receive any bonus. Weapons will also come in three varieties, be they wands, staffs or, of course, swords.

Wands are the fastest weapons, and yes, they tend to have more intense effects, compared to swords, which in this case, are much slower. Apart from all the above-mentioned features, this add-on also adds five new creatures, which will appear in a specific location.


More information:

Each of the new creatures will be able to appear with an outfit (armour), a weapon or a thematic block. For now, the creatures added are as follows:

  • Avala (mining).
  • Bugsy (agriculture).
  • Gnome (deep mining).
  • Maggart (chests).
  • Shroomster (mushrooms).

Installation of Monsters & Mushrooms:

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