New Revolution Modpack for Minecraft 1.20.4, 1.20.1 and 1.19.4

New Revolution Modpack for Minecraft 1.20.4, 1.20.1 and 1.19.4, incorporates dozens and dozens of mods aimed at improving the experience, as well as expanding the gameplay possibilities. For example, some of them will be responsible for increasing the number of biomes or game structures.

All mods are from Fabric, so it will be essential to use this executable. This makes the optimisation of the game even better, allowing it to be played on the vast majority of devices, without the high number of mods installed mattering too much.

Apart from adding new biomes to the default world, Minecraft’s dimensions will also undergo some changes related to their generation. And in fact, the creator has added several dimension mods, which will multiply the hours of fun when playing with this fantastic mod pack.

Decorations are essential in any game, as well as building materials (blocks, ladders and other elements ideal for building). Therefore, this modpack also adds several dozen mods solely aimed at improving this aspect of the game.


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All mods fit seamlessly into the “vanilla” or default Minecraft experience, so it does not add any mods that drastically alter the gameplay experience. In reality, it will be as if the developers have released several more versions with a focus on expanding the possibilities.

Installation of New Revolution Modpack:

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