Reaper Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2

Reaper Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2, is another famous Spirit add-on, and in this case, it incorporates two new machines related to power generation as well as souls. Likewise, it also incorporates new items and assorted elements, such as those shown in the images below.

The Reaper generator is able to create energy by damaging nearby creatures, while the soul beacon can make use of souls to give effects to nearby enemies. These new features will be very useful during gameplay, enhancing the enemy-related game experience.

La máquina de la imagen podrá atacar a los enemigos cercanos, siempre y cuando se haga uso de las nuevas runas.
Las almas de las criaturas muertas deben tratarse en el generador de energía.

The Reaper generator has 4 rune slots, and as you would expect, each of the new runes will have a certain functionality as long as it is placed inside the machine. For example:

  • The rune “Dilato” will increase the range of the generator.
  • The “Human” rune will allow the generator to draw energy from players.
  • The rune “Obitus” will cause the generator to automatically kill any entity.
  • The rune “Reficiat” will increase the amount of energy generated by damage inflicted.
  • The rune “Velocitas” will reduce the recovery time from generator hits.


Las runas deben ser colocadas en el interior del Reaper, con un máximo de 4 espacios disponibles.
Reaper incorpora seis runas, cada una contará con una determinada funcionalidad.
Las seis runas añadidas tendrán algún tipo de utilidad en las partidas, mejorando incluso el generador de energía.

More information:

The soul beacon requires a similar structure to a normal beacon, but in this case, the 3×3 block area underneath will require a rune block of any type. The functionality of the rune blocks is as follows:

  • The rune “Dilato” will increase the range of the current soul beacon.
  • The rune “Beastia” will allow the soul beacon to hit neutral and passive creatures.
  • The rune “Duplici” will allow the soul beacon to be activated twice in a single cycle.
  • The rune “Effectiveness” will reduce the energy cost of the soul beacon.
  • The rune “Hostilis” will allow the soul beacon to hit hostile creatures.
  • The rune “Possessio” will prevent a particular player from being affected by the rune.

Installation of Reaper:

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