Sculk Horde Mod for Minecraft 1.20.1, 1.20 and 1.19.4

Sculk Horde Mod for Minecraft 1.20.1, 1.20 and 1.19.4, completely changes the game experience, now enabling Sculk infections, which will basically destroy affected areas. These infections are known as hordes, and they are highly intelligent and adaptable, as they will stop at nothing to become stronger.

The Sculk ecosystem is an unrelenting force of nature, but there is always some hope, and in this case, players will have the chance to fight it off until the infection is gone. Without a doubt, it is a really surprising accessory and quite different from the everyday ones.

Agrega nuevos elementos y características al juego, todas relacionadas con el Sculk.
Las nuevas criaturas de Sculk son muy poderosas y agresivas.

In the early stages of the horde, the “Gravemind” will summon deformed creatures, caused by the massive Sculk infection (and making them more aggressive). In the later stages of the horde’s evolution, it will create even more dangerous monsters, hybrids of power and cunning.

The formidable strength of the infection will grow as it absorbs creatures (of any kind). Obviously, the more they grow, the more powerful they become, and of course, the harder they are to fight, which means that a large area of the world can be infected in one way or another. It’s a fantastic addition!


Los nuevos desafíos de Sculk Horde harán de las partidas unas mucho más interesantes.
El panal de abejas de Sculk es un nuevo bloque que formará parte de las infecciones.
Ofrece nuevas formas de interactuar con el entorno de Minecraft, todas relacionadas con los elementos Sculk.

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This wonderful mod has just been updated to the latest version of the game, incorporating a lot of details and features that will surely make it a winner among the others. From now on, hordes of Sculk and other infections will be an obstacle for players to fight.

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