Sculk Infection Mod for Minecraft 1.19.3 and 1.19

Sculk Infection Mod for Minecraft 1.19.3 and 1.19, adds Sculk-themed features, such as new creatures, blocks or even utility items. In fact, it also adds certain enemies that, due to their characteristics, could be considered as “bosses”.

For example, Sculk’s worm has 260 health and is capable of doing 14 points of damage. It is a blind creature, capable of detecting vibrations throughout its body, and obviously, as soon as it detects them, it will become a very dangerous enemy, attacking its target until it kills it.

This worm is also capable of making underground tunnels, although it avoids burrowing into metal, bricks and wool. It is also an extremely intelligent creature, avoiding areas of lava or fire, and even large drops, ignoring even the vibrations of animals (except domesticated ones).

By killing the worm, players will receive a novel item known as “Sculk Mucus”, which applies weakness to the player holding it. In fact, it can also be attached to a diamond helmet for an impressive piece of armour, capable of detecting the vibrations of hostile entities.


More information:

The famous worm added by Sculk Infection is naturally generated in the Deep Dark biome (and they are not able to scale above level 0). However, only one worm can be generated per area, as is the case with the Warden.

Installation of Sculk Infection:

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