Simple Planes Mod for Minecraft 1.20.1, 1.20, 1.19.2 and 1.19

Simple Planes Mod for Minecraft 1.20.1, 1.20, 1.19.2 and 1.19, adds new flying vehicles, namely planes and helicopters in different colours and formats. Obviously, they are ideal for moving around the worlds in a new, fast and entertaining way.

Of course, these planes have a “vanilla” look, so they fit in perfectly with the rest of Minecraft’s default features. However, in order to operate them, it may be necessary to use fuel, which can even bring the aircraft down if it goes negative.

Los aviones de madera de Simple Planes se pueden utilizar para volar por los cielos.
Estos paracaídas serán de gran utilidad para las partidas.

Players will be able to build any of these vehicles in Survival Mode, and of course, they will also be able to use them in Survival Mode. They are quite intuitive, so no technical knowledge is required as in other mods of this kind.

Currently, there are almost a hundred vehicles available (including planes and helicopters), but only a few different models. That is to say, what does vary quite a lot is the colour of each one of them, which will depend on the colour of the wood chosen at the time of manufacture.


Todos los aviones de Simple Planes podrán transportar a los jugadores.
Estos helicópteros no avanzarán tan rápido como los aviones.
En el inventario se pueden ver algunos de los helicópteros añadidos por Simple Planes.

More information:

The vehicles added by Simple Planes are very easy to operate, and to run them you only need to use coal ore as fuel. Then, with the normal movement keys, the plane or helicopters will go in one direction or the other. Finally, players will also have the possibility to use parachutes to avoid mishaps.

Installation of Simple Planes:

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