Sophisticated Backpacks Mod for Minecraft 1.20.1 and 1.19.2

Sophisticated Backpacks Mod for Minecraft 1.20.1 and 1.19.2, it is, without a doubt, the most famous backpack mod in the game’s history, as well as the most useful. Add different backpacks that can be placed on the character’s back or on the ground, as well as coloured or combined with other elements.

Basically, apart from adding several dozen backpacks, the creator has taken care to incorporate different ways to improve its default features. For example, the number of available inventory spaces can be increased, or a workbench can be incorporated into the backpack itself.

It is possible to access the inside of the backpacks by pressing the “B” key, which can be modified in the controls section, and similarly, it can be placed on the ground by pressing “shift” and right-clicking with the backpack in hand. Being on a surface, the backpack will function in much the same way as a default chest would.

To pick up the backpack from the ground, the player simply presses the shift and right click again with an empty hand, or of course, smash it and pick it up like any other item. There are five different levels of backpacks (leather, iron, gold, diamond and netherite), each with better features.


More information:

The new backpacks added by Sophisticated Backpacks can be crafted, but can also be found occasionally or even in loot chests. The big difference with respect to other mods of this style is that these backpacks can be upgraded, with dozens and dozens of different upgrades.

Installation of Sophisticated Backpacks:

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