Super Mobestiary Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2

Super Mobestiary Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2, is responsible for increasing the number of creatures and animals in games, and in fact, it already incorporates more than five dozen entities. But that’s not all, as most of the creatures will be able to drop novelty items and objects of great interest.

That is to say, despite adding a large number of animals, it also adds almost a hundred items, some of which come from the creatures themselves, while others can be made by using certain items. All this will make the gaming experience much more interesting and, of course, fun.

Muchas criaturas podrán aparecer en el mundo normal, mientras que otras se generarán en el Nether.
Gracias a la guía será posible conocer las características de los nuevos animales, así como sus habitats, entre otras cosas.

Almost all of the new animals have features in common with others in the real world, but it also adds some completely new and fantastic creatures to Minecraft. In addition, each of the animals will have an assigned place of appearance, such as penguins, which will only appear in colder biomes.

Similarly, players will also have the chance to encounter dozens and dozens of aquatic creatures, such as sharks that will make exploring the depths of the oceans difficult. The Nether is another location affected by this update, as new unreal (and dangerous) creatures will also be able to spawn there.


Todas las criaturas podrán aparecer de forma predeterminada en algunas zonas del mundo.
El caracol de la imagen es una de las nuevas criaturas añadidas por Super Mobestiary.
Estos son algunos de los elementos añadidos por Super Mobestiary y que serán esenciales para el transcurso de las partidas.

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Despite the short development time, Super Mobestiary is one of the mods that incorporates the most animals into Minecraft, something it will do even in a vanilla-friendly way. In other words, most of these creatures will fit in perfectly with the theme of the game.

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