The Twilight Forest Mod for Minecraft 1.20.2, 1.20.1 and 1.19.2

The Twilight Forest Mod for Minecraft 1.20.2, 1.20.1 and 1.19.2, adds an incredible new dimension, and in fact, is by far the most downloaded in all of Minecraft. This stunning location will be filled with trees, structures, enemies and exciting challenges.

It is necessary to follow a sort of timeline or development line to be able to explore the whole dimension, i.e. players will have to explore certain locations first, otherwise access to others will be restricted. It is without a doubt, one of the best exploration and adventure mods.

Algunos de los jefes de la nueva dimensión serán extremadamente peligrosos, y no todos podrán ser asesinados fácilmente.
Todos los biomas son completamente novedosos, y por supuesto, podrán ser explorados por los jugadores.

To start and travel to the new dimension, it is first necessary to create a portal, and of course, to go through it. The portal can be made in various shapes and sizes, but the minimum requirement is 2 blocks wide and 2 blocks long. The steps for its creation are as follows:

  1. The frame should be made of grass, soil, podzol, mycelium or other similar blocks.
  2. On top of the grass it is necessary to place any kind of flower, fungus, leaves or plants.
  3. The inside of the box must be filled with water (it must be completely filled).
  4. Finally, it is necessary to throw a diamond to the bottom of the water.


Solo se podrá salir de la dimensión mediante la creación de un nuevo portal, así como la utilización del mismo.
Las nuevas características estarán presentes en cualquier parte de la dimensión, como por ejemplo, en las profundidades.
En cada uno de los biomas de esta nueva dimensión podrá generarse algún tipo de estructura.

More information:

The new dimension added by The Twilight Forest has several features and functionalities completely new to Minecraft, such as new dungeons, the possibility to battle new bosses, treasures, or of course, resources.

Installation of The Twilight Forest:

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