Upgrade Aquatic Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2

Upgrade Aquatic Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2, focuses on improving aquatic content, or content related in one way or another to oceans and rivers. Apart from adding new fish, this fantastic add-on will do much more to perfect the gaming experience.

The creators’ intention is to deliver unique content, visuals and gameplay while staying true to the traditional “vanilla” Minecraft experience or feel. In other words, the features fit seamlessly into the game, so it will be as if the developers have released a new aquatic update.

El mod es una excelente opción para los jugadores que disfrutan de explorar el mundo de Minecraft bajo el agua.
El mod añade nuevas criaturas, bloques y elementos al juego que darán vida a las profundidades submarinas.

Some of the new creatures are known as “Thrasher”, a shark-like animal that makes use of sonar, and in fact, will eat anything it can catch in its jaws. In addition, this being will also drop ingredients needed for the manufacture of tridents.

Similarly, players will also have the possibility to obtain renewable sand (through columns of bubbles under the sandstone). And finally, among the many features related to aquatic biomes, several thematic creatures will be able to spawn exclusively in oceanic ravines.


Los nuevos bloques incluyen algas, arrecifes y rocas submarinas que añaden profundidad y variedad al mundo acuático.
Upgrade Aquatic es un mod para Minecraft que se centra en mejorar la experiencia de juego en el agua
Upgrade Aquatic añade decenas de animales acuáticos.

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In short, Upgrade Aquatic apart from adding fish, the creator has also added certain foodstuffs or even building materials. It is also undoubtedly one of the most downloaded water mods in Minecraft history, with over 20 million downloads.

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