Villager Brute Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2

Villager Brute Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2, adds a new creature, namely an impressive villager golem that can appear naturally in villages. In fact, it will also be present in pre-determined looting stations, and even in other similar structures.

Unfortunately, iron golems will no longer be able to appear naturally, so they can only be summoned by building the summoning structure or by using commands. Upon being killed, players will have the chance to receive both a golden apple and several iron ingots.

This villager-shaped golem is capable of healing villagers, as well as killing any creature that threatens their existence. Moreover, there is a big difference between this new golem and the “vanilla”, as in this case, it will be able to kill the creepers.

Without touching the Minecraft code, only this new golem will be generated in the villages, so the old iron golem will no longer exist. Basically, it is a perfect replacement for these golems, being a bit stronger and more powerful in some areas.


More information:

Villager Brute actually replaces the village iron golem with a villager-shaped one, which will share many of the same characteristics, although in this case it will attack creepers. When it dies, it will drop either a golden apple (on rare occasions) or iron bars.

Installation of Villager Brute:

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