Vitalize Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2

Vitalize Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2, adds new technological elements related to magic, and in fact, is a fantastic complement to one of the best mystical mods, known as Spirit. In particular, it will be possible to build an impressive machine called the “Soul Revitaliser”.

This novel machine is capable of simulating the death of any predetermined creature, and even some added by other mods. In addition, it is possible to upgrade the machine by making use of several different pylons, which can affect speed, energy use or revitaliser conditions.

Los jugadores obtendrán ciertas ventajas al hacer uso de esta simuladora de criaturas añadida por Vitalize.
La revitalizadora de almas se puede fabricar de diversas formas, pero su elaboración requerirá de nuevos elementos.

The manufacture of the parts of this machine is not simple, and in fact, the use of certain magical elements related to souls is mandatory. All information regarding the various features of Vitalize can be found on the wiki of the main mod, discussed in the introductory paragraph.

Furthermore, this add-on is perfectly compatible with JEI, so all items (including the various pylons, as well as the soul revitalising machine) will display their recipes as long as the player makes use of the new recipe section added by this other mod.


El ritual de la imagen permitirá simular la muerte de cualquier criatura de Minecraft.
El cristal de almas es otro de los elementos añadidos por Vitalize, y que será indispensable para la realización del ritual.
Al simular la muerte de una criatura, los jugadores obtendrán ciertas ventajas.

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In reality, Vitalize is an ideal complement to one of Minecraft’s best magic and spell mods, and for that reason, it only adds a mechanic related to the death of creatures and their souls. It is still at an early stage of development, so new features are expected in the future.

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