Wasps Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2

Wasps Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2, adds new tameable creatures, namely wasps, which can be of great use during gameplay. These fantastic wasps can be tamed as long as they are offered honeycombs and honey (pre-determined).

After being tamed, this poisonous wasp will follow the player who has offered it food, and will of course sting enemies who have problems with it. Enemies will be poisoned, and will also take a large percentage of damage from the sting alone anyway.

Estas avispas domesticables pueden defender a los jugadores de los enemigos.
Los jugadores podrán ser picados por esta novedosa avispa asesina.

Care must be taken when sending wasps to attack, as they have virtually no health, and can easily die when attacked. Aside from the features related to defending players, these wasps are really pretty and ideal for any game.

As with other types of tameable animals in Minecraft, these wasps can teleport, which means they won’t get lost at any time. In addition, there are future plans for these to be “seated” to prevent them from following the player continuously, which for now they will do.


Gracias a los panales de abejas y de miel, los jugadores tendrán la posibilidad de domesticar a estas avispas.
Los enemigos podrán ser atacados por el veneno de estas avispas.
Estas avispas venenosas son bastante agresivas y podrán asesinar a los enemigos.

More information:

You could say that Wasps is a fairly simple mod, as for now it only adds one new creature, although it is possible that in future versions the number of features will be greater. However, these wasps are a lethal weapon when attacking other enemies, and for example, they are capable of killing a zombie with just three stings.

Installation of Wasps:

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