Yes Steve Model Mod for Minecraft 1.20.1, 1.20 and 1.19.2

Yes Steve Model Mod for Minecraft 1.20.1, 1.20 and 1.19.2, is responsible for modifying the standard player model, allowing players themselves to modify their appearance within the game. All appearances will now feature a new body model, as well as new animations.

Basically, players will be able to customise the models and animations of the skins in any way they wish, with complete freedom. It also has a fantastic community that offers various skins free of charge, which can obviously also be used.

Its server compatibility is fantastic, and in fact, any player will be able to use it freely, seeing even the other players with these updated models. This way, when players log into the server, it will automatically synchronise the models of all the characters in the game.

In addition, all models sent to the customer are encrypted, which will prevent any attempt of appearance theft, and even have a model authentication function. By default, this add-on includes alternate versions of Steve and Alex, as well as another new character that can be used right out of the box.


More information:

To load new models, modify the appearance or simply change the look of the character during the course of the game, the creator has added an impressive GUI. To open it, it is as easy as pressing the “Alt + Y” keys simultaneously, and then a menu will open with all the information on the models.

Installation of Yes Steve Model:

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