Install Fabric Mods (Step by Step)

One of the most frequently asked questions among Minecraft users is, How do I install Fabric mods? This is because this mod loader needs a plugin to run, and on this page we will explain step by step what you need to do.

Step 1:

Of course, the first thing to do is to download the desired version of Fabric (remember that the version of the executable and the version of the desired mods must match, otherwise there could be a compatibility failure). You can click here to download Fabric via Minecraft World.

In most cases, when starting Minecraft, the previously installed version of Fabric will already be present, but sometimes it may be necessary to click the arrow on the right hand side, open the version menu and select Fabric.

La nueva versión de Fabric estará presente en el launcher oficial de Minecraft, siempre y cuando se hayan realizado los pasos correctamente.

Step 2:

The Fabric executable has been successfully installed, but now the most important thing is to download both the desired mods and the Fabric API plugin. The latter is absolutely essential to be able to make use of any mod that requires this wonderful mod loader.

The download links can be found at the bottom of each Minecraft World page, in a similar way to the screenshot below.

En la parte inferior de nuestra página siempre podrás encontrar los enlaces de descarga oficial de mods.

Depending on the mod, different versions will be available, but all of them will lead to the official website of the creator, usually CurseForge. After 5 seconds it will download automatically.

La descarga se hará de forma automática y justo después de pulsar en la versión deseada. Es necesario esperar 5 segundos.

It is important to re-emphasise the importance of the Fabric API, an add-on that will always have to be downloaded and placed in the «mods» folder, something we will see in the following steps.

Para poder ejecutar correctamente cualquier mod de Fabric es esencial hacer uso de Fabric API.

Step 3:

After downloading both the desired mods and the Fabric API add-on, it is time to place them in the game’s famous location, known as «.minecraft». We have summarised it in three steps:

1. We go to the search bar, which will vary depending on the version of Windows. Then, in it we will have to type %appdata%, as well as hit search.

La carpeta ".minecraft" se encuentra ubicada en el interior del directorio %appdata%.
Para llegar a la carpeta ".minecraft" es imprescindible abrir el directorio %appdata%.

2. A list of folders will appear on the screen, and one of them will be the famous «.minecraft» folder. Of course, we opened it.

La carpeta "mods" se encuentra en el interior de la ".minecraft".

3. Right-click, and create the «mods» folder, which may sometimes be present by default, and can of course be used without any problem.

Todos los mods deben ser colocados en el interior de la carpeta ".minecraft".

4. Finally, all that remains is to paste both the essential add-on (Fabric API) and the desired mods inside the folder we have just created.

Complementary Mods:

Not always a single download will suffice, as some mods require one, two or even more add-ons for certain features to work properly. In Mundo Minecraft you will always find the necessary information regarding these add-ons, in the «installation» section.

Explanatory Video: