Install Forge Mods (Step by Step)

How to Install Forge Mods Well, this is something very simple and on this page we are going to explain in detail and step by step, so that you can have no doubts about the installation.

Step 1:

The first step is to download the desired version of Forge, remember that the version of Forge and the version of the desired mods must match, which is essential for their execution. You can click here to download Forge.

To find out if you have installed Forge correctly, you can open Minecraft and check that it is present in the versions section, sometimes it may be necessary to click on the right arrow to change version.

Hay varias formas de ejecutar mods de Minecraft, pero sin duda, las más famosa es haciendo uso de Forge.

Step 2:

The second step once Forge has been installed is to download the desired mods. To do so, go to our website and choose the mod (or mods) you like best. At the bottom of the page you will find the download links, where you will find the different versions of the mod.

En la parte inferior de nuestra página siempre podrás encontrar los enlaces de descarga oficial de mods.

Clicking on the desired version will open the official website of the creator, usually CurseForge. In this step you will have to wait for about five seconds, and then close the page (when the file has downloaded).

La descarga se hará de forma automática y justo después de pulsar en la versión deseada. Es necesario esperar 5 segundos.

Step 3:

When the file has been downloaded, it is time to move on to the next step. All that remains is to place the desired mods in the game location. We explain it in three simple steps:

1. To get to the location of the game we will have to type %appdata% in the search bar.

Para llegar a la ubicación de los archivos de Minecraft, primero es necesario ejecutar la carpeta %appdata%.

2. Then, open the «.minecraft» folder.

La carpeta ".minecraft" esta situada en el directorio %appdata%, y en su interior habrá que colocar posteriormente los mods deseados.

3. The «mods» folder should appear inside it, however, sometimes it may not be present, so it will be necessary to create it. It is important that it bears the same name. Of course, in this new folder we will have to paste the downloaded mods.

En el interior de la carpeta "mods" tendrán que colocarse todos los mods deseados, y que, por lo tanto, serán ejecutados con Forge.

Complementary Mods:

Some mods require another add-on to work, please note that this information will always be present on our site (along with the download link). You can find it in the «installation» section.

Explanatory Video: